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W fashion is a leading European manufacturer and distributor of affordable clothing and merchandise. We are a full-service company that specialises in private label clothing, designer clothing, licensed textile products and accessories.
Every year W fashion products reach millions of consumers in Europe. Thanks to our permanent supply, we are able to deliver high quality products at the best price quickly.



What we offer

W fashion has a permanent supply of baby, children, ladies and men’s sports and casual wear.

In addition we also offer:

  • Exclusive & well-known licenses from the entertainment, design and sports industry.
  • Tailor-made private label concepts.
  • Wide range of clothing collections

We welcome you to visit our showroom in Maastricht. Here you will immediately get a clear picture of all the possibilities that W fashion offers. During an initial introduction we will create an inventory of your wishes. We look at your target group, the assortment, the dimensions, but also into fabrics, colours, packaging, styling and numbers.

You will then receive a customised offer. Depending on your requirements, we will produce a sample, sales sample and a pre-production sample. Are you satisfied? And are we 100% satisfied with the product? Then we continue on to the actual production together! We also take care of transport and all import handling, so that you can focus fully on the styling and sales.


The impressions below show what we have realised for others, but we would like to hear

what we can do for you!

Call us on : +31 43 711 4522

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About us

At W fashion a team of driven professionals develop your specific wishes in the field of clothing and merchandise into a representative product for your company. We do this based on the latest designs and production methods with specific attention to packaging and presentation. We offer service that fits you, from the first sketch to the final delivery. Flexibility, integrity and clear communication are the key values of our services. From our headquarters in Maastricht, the heart of the Euregion, we provide the most renowned department stores, discounters and hypermarket chains in Europe with exclusively designed textile products and accessories.
Thanks to our extensive network of own offices and certified suppliers in Asia, W fashion has grown over the years into a leading producer and distributor in the field of affordable private label, brand and licensed merchandise & clothing.

"Quality begins on the inside and then works its way out"

W fashion guarantees an optimal price-quality ratio, combined with a good fit. Quality starts from within and that is why our team guides every production process from start to finish.

At W fashion we work closely with our licensers and production locations in Asia. Together with them we look for the latest and most popular licenses and develop new concepts. Due to our working method, we continuously ensure that our products and working conditions in the production sites continue to comply with all European requirements and guidelines. We guarantee our quality.

This is why W fashion is also affiliated with, among others, BSCI, Modint and Amfori. As a result, our customers and licensors also check our factories periodically. Thanks to these organisations, we can assure our customers that social compliance requirements and guidelines in our factories have the highest priority and are strictly monitored.


W fashion is affiliated with:


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